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Chiropractors go trough 4 years of rigorous medical training and education to obtain a doctorate degree. A chiropractor is a doctor of chiropractic medicine with emphasis on the spinal column, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system.


Chiropractic care is dictated by a licensed chiropractic physician, chiropractors perform high-velocity manipulations to the vertebral column to free nerve pressure on the spine. Chiropractors also co-manage patients with medical doctors for optimum patient care.


Yes, chiropractors obtain a degree of Doctor of Chiropractic physician and must continue to take continuing education classes to keep up with the latest treatments, medicine, and technology and to be able to renew their medical license.


Chiropractors manipulate the spine to free up nerve pressure from trauma, degeneration, and old age.


Yes, chiropractors are the go-to doctor for neck pain, back pain, and other conditions of the spine and extremities.


Yes, based on patient response to treatment, patients have a high probability to maintain doctors recommendations and in some instances avoid a more invasive medical intervention.


Yes, chiropractors have the lowest percentage of medical malpractice cases in the medical field.

Yes, enormous satisfaction and well-being.


Per doctor recommendations and patient presentation.


Chiropractic adjustments range from 45-85 dollars per session.


Family-oriented, affordable, and caring staff and doctor always ready to help you get your life back.


A simple google search will do, primary care provider referral.


Supine diversified, Thompson drop, activator methods, spinal decompression.


Spinal conditions primarily, trauma injuries from car accidents, pathology.


Specific treatment recommendations including physiotherapy, chiropractic care, and co-management with other providers are the most successful way to treat the injured.


Any condition can be treated or co-managed with chiropractic care.

Yes, chiropractic care during pregnancy eases the birthing process and helps mom avoid complications later on.


Performing spinal manipulations, physiotherapy, and using modalities. X-rays are and should always be recommended for better prognosis and treatment outcome.


Specific spinal manipulations to relieve nerve pressure along with X-rays to help develop normal spinal curves.


Spinal manipulations to the lumbar spine, developing a normal curve and relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.


Chiropractors treat all acute and chronic pain allowing the chiropractor to become a port of entry to the healthcare system.


No, normal soreness is sometimes expected.


Chiropractic adjustments consist of high-velocity manipulations to the spine relieving pressure on the joint therefore releasing the vacuum air once created by the misaligned joint.


No, there are multiple methods and techniques to be able to adjust all patients no matter what age or condition.


In occasions it will, your doctor will give you expectations on recovery but it depends on condition, age, and patient presentation along with mechanism of injury.


No, chiropractic manipulations are very specific and require advanced medical training for over 4 years in order to manipulate the spine.


Yes, chiropractic care helps the development of the nervous system and overall wellbeing of your children. Help avoid scoliosis and multiple other conditions related to the spine.


Advanced medical education exactly as medical doctors with more emphasis on diagnosis rather than prescription. 4 years of medical school are required to obtain a degree of chiropractic medicine.